Uniquely yours: transform your new house into a home

Date Published 20 May 2016

Personalising your new house can turn it into a home that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Colour schemes to reflect your personal style

Choose colours that reflect your tastes and the way that you want certain rooms to be enjoyed. For instance, if you are looking forward to bright, fun breakfast times then choose an uplifting colour for your eating area.

Choose shades that will help you to create a colour scheme that flows through the house. How to add the colour is down to your own personal choice. A vibrant feature wall can make a bold statement, as can a splash of colour where it’s least expected.

If you prefer to keep walls and furniture neutral, you can make colour pop by applying your theme to your soft furnishings and accessories.

Customised themes

Theming rooms can be a simple yet eye catching way of personalising them according to your personality or lifestyle.

If you have a connection to a particular destination try theming a room to reflect the cultural style, colours and feel. Include things that you have collected from the place such as postcards, maps and souvenirs.

Pinterest is a great place to find inspiration. Start pulling together your own boards as your ideas unfold and develop. If Pinterest isn’t your thing, a more traditional mood board or collage will work in the same way.

Themed rooms or spaces in your house could also reflect your lifestyle. For example, if you have a games room you could display old match tickets. In a media room, you could run with a movie theme.

A word of warning, beware over-theming as it can easily lead to a cluttered space.

Functional and decorative

Household staples themselves can be themed or used as colour statements, particularly if space is an issue.

From chairs to kitchen utensils, your themed elements have the potential to be both functional and decorative.

Treasured memories

One of the easiest ways to make your own personal stamp on your house is to display photos of friends, family or special places. From outsize canvasses to metallic panels there are some really innovative finishes that can be used to create unique pieces from digital images.

Have some fun combining frames and images to create a gallery wall for a look that is uniquely yours. Or fill a long hallway with a series of images.

Don’t just stop at framing your images. High resolution photos can now be printed as wallpaper or wall stickers to stunning effect.


If you have some older pieces of furniture or heirlooms but aren’t sure how they’ll fit into your new abode, consider upcycling or re-purposing them.

Re-upholstering a chair, stripping back and re-finishing tables or painting an old cabinet, there are so many options. Not only will your efforts result in a statement piece that’s unique to you, they will bear sentimental value.

A home to reflect you

Your house will become a home as you transform it into a reflection of yourself, a space where you feel happy, comfortable and love living.